Celebrity Luxury Ranch Estate


One of the most significant advantages of owning a ranch is the potential for profit. Your ranch can be used for cattle or crop farming, horse boarding, or even as a bed and breakfast. You can also lease a portion of the land and let others use it for their own purposes.




Georgia in now one of  the top filming destinations in the world.

According to the Georgia Film and Entertainment, top grossing films are produced in Atlanta. This categories includes films and television, music, digital entertainment and more.

Atlanta with its incredible location climate and diversity of business, along with being home of the busiest airports in the world. From movie stars to CEO, Atlanta has an incredible culture that support diversity, luxury and economic prosperity. Georgia has become a second home too many leading stars.

The price of the  luxury real estates in comparison to the West coast may be an an eye opener  Imagine, this gorgeous Georgia luxury ranch. It is a celebrity dream real estate property, with an 1842 farmhouse luxury expansion and modern renovation in the serene estate .

It has 92 acres with room for horses and equestrian expansion. This could even be your own riding or even your own outdoor private polo arena or an incredible location for the next Georgia film. It is zoned agricultural and has over 50 head of cattle and you don’t have to go to Texas to have  gorgeous ranch living.

For those  interested in self sustainability there are incredible options on this property. There is a private water well and a creek that runs through the property. to support organic farming, private retreat or even a get away from the hassle of the big city with all the current disruption.

The view and outdoor expansion is breathtaking, The outdoor living is like a retreat with pool, spa, pool house and guest quarters. There are private jet transportation within a few miles. Gated privacy and security

We know the movie industry and work with celebrities. Let us show your clients confidentially how this GEORGIA luxury ranch estate can be their new second home.


Working from home has changed drastically this year. Now more than ever an incredible office  in your home, in a elegant decor, is one of greatest desires for a luxury real estate buyers,  A place with privacy that has high impact for your virtual meetings, A office space that is highly functional to work from home, yet makes you feel empowered to build your empire.

Think about it!

Today, business executives are conduction major business in their home. From meetings online, zoom, virtual meetings, webinars to all kinds of video business interaction.  Being in at an office that reflects you style is key to your success.  It is your branding. It is a  reflection of you.

The Home Office is now a key element in your real estate designs and decision.  How does if feel? How does your home? This is where your imagination and your creative meet in you business.  While virtual sets and  video are key tools.  Nothing is better that an executive in an incredible home office to build a bridge with you.  

The Atlanta Luxury Ranch has amazing opportunities for the entrepreneur and executive home office experience. This gorgeous office is found in a  estate just 40 miles for Downtown Atlanta. The ranch is magical. Come tour the property and see where your new office can be.